ACWC Rules and Registration

The ACWC rules can be read in full at:

A few key points:

Games are 2+5, rated. To be played on Lichess, of course!

The tournament happens in three stages: Qualification (a Swiss-like tournament), Candidates (round-robin), then the Final (1v1). (Details are in the rules document.)

@arimakat immediately goes through to the Final, as last year's winner.
@Ogul1 immediately goes through to the Candidates, as last year's runner-up.

Registration is open from September 5, 20:00 UTC until September 27, 20:00 UTC and can be done through

I will message everyone on Lichess after I reviewed their registration.

I think the number of players in the candidates should have been 6 or 8 even at the cost of one or two less swiss rounds to make the tournament more exciting.

I don't know what about the number of the candidates but as for me I still want a championship with at least 4 different openings in each match and maybe different tcs. I'd really like to organize it when this event is over. But there are two problems: 1. players aren't very interested 2. it will be hard to control every opening. I even have an idea about the trophy for my championship but, unfortunately, info 90%, all of this will never happen. If someone is interested, please comment here.

I will never play anything other than 1 e3 unless it is solved as a win.

Good luck in our match Finlip. I'll message you Monday with times I'm available

The pairings haven't been confirmed yet, have they? Maybe there's still time for me to withdraw.

I had already retired from antichess. I played it again only because the move I'd been playing without knowing it was the best was solved as a win.

I've already played a match vs Link with my rules, and this part was a draw. I didn't use e3 at all, maybe I should've played one game with it.