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General Chess Discussion - Racing kings #4

i don't know how play chess, how you think i going to play RK jejeje

by zorba7676
General Chess Discussion - Why is the analysis board sometimes an authoritarian cheapskate? #4

i going to fritz to analyze my games, is more "human" to me.

by zorba7676
Off-Topic Discussion - World Rapid and also blitz Chess Championship as a fide rated player #2

see this

by zorba7676
General Chess Discussion - When you blunder your Queen, do you pause a few seconds to let the pain sink in? #15

never resign in bullet or blitz, let the pain sink in and continue the fight

by zorba7676
General Chess Discussion - Welcome to Nepal to play chess #3

thanks for the invite

by zorba7676
General Chess Discussion - Are We Artists #8

So, i'm Better than 80.9% of Rapid players, i am a artis? naaaa, I know i'm only waste my time in this site jejeje.

by zorba7676
General Chess Discussion - Seirawan Chess/chess variants #4

looks like a fantasy of a 60 old man.

by zorba7676
Game analysis - Big difference in numbers of errors #2

sometimes you play well, and punish blunders, sometimes you are punished, it is the life of a chess player online

by zorba7676
Game analysis - What are your thoughts on this game? #7

jajaja @kovlov85 how you teach a player with much more ELO than you

by zorba7676
Off-Topic Discussion - Chess TRAPS in the Italian Game opening! ♔ Gioachino Greco ♕ QUEEN sac! #2

nice, i dont like, but its nice

by zorba7676