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110 posts found

Game analysis - How can I improve from this game? #2

nice, 14.Nxe5 its a bait. Black mistake in the end.

by zorba7676
Game analysis - Guess The Move (Interactive Master Game Analysis) #7

Very thank you my friend

by zorba7676
Game analysis - I've been anticipating redeeming this service for some time. how much time? 20million!!! wow!!! #2

Black was not aware of the plans and gave in to the pressure. Proof is that they prefer to move the Queen(to lose it) than guard their King.

by zorba7676
General Chess Discussion - Understanding Chess Middlegames #6

only if you don't practices @p-wnattack

by zorba7676
General Chess Discussion - Blitz game lost for time expired #21

The time in sport is a rule. You lose time and you do not win, so simple. That king and a bishop do not win, but they can draw for time, come on, they are different color, that's basic knowledge.

by zorba7676
Lichess Feedback - Feature Request: Bookmark fave Puzzles #2

that would be very instructive

by zorba7676
Game analysis - How was this a draw? #10

@willsch thanks for the explanation.

by zorba7676
General Chess Discussion - Annotating chess games #4

Good idea. I would prefer to write it down on paper, but, it works.

by zorba7676
Game analysis - This is how you blunder a winning position #4

play chess is not easy, 33.Rxe8 why?

by zorba7676
General Chess Discussion - Blitz game lost for time expired #5

@Sarg0n TB jeje, nice mate, opponent said WHATTTTTTTXXXXXX

by zorba7676