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Lichess Feedback - Recconecting #12

My internet is quite good as well when I'm not on my phone. It's never been a problem before the last month or two.

by NM upandcomer
Lichess Feedback - Recconecting #11

Ya very recently this has caused a number of my long games to be considered "abandoned". It's a very new issue but I got no response when I posted about it. I just decided to play long games elsewhere…

by NM upandcomer
Lichess Feedback - Issues with "game abandoned", bug or insufficient time to reconnect in long time controls #1

I'm not sure if theres a bug or the code is set so that if your connection is unstable for 2-4 seconds you get a forced loss, but this has happened in at least 3 of my long games now. My most recent o…

by NM upandcomer
General Chess Discussion - Be a sport and accept a takeback or two ---to before the blunder. #50

I don't take online chess super seriously, so I'd be fine to give a takeback as long as it was for a mouseslip. I don't give takebacks for missing ideas though, unless they are a friend.

by NM upandcomer
Lichess Feedback - Positional training #3

There are entire games like that in chesstempo's guess the move feature.

by NM upandcomer
General Chess Discussion - What other sites do you play on? #7

ICC and here mainly. Occasionally I'll play on chessdotcom, and very rarely I'll play on chess24. Sometimes I play on chesstempo as well.

by NM upandcomer
Off-Topic Discussion - Do you like Trump better, the same or worse than when he started? #49

I was hoping for better from him.

by NM upandcomer
General Chess Discussion - Can you win this position? #11

@jposthuma heres mine. Just bamboozled it

by NM upandcomer
General Chess Discussion - What would be your Real Life ELO rating? Try this test! #189

Based on your move choices, our estimate of your Elo rating is 2555, with a 95% confidence interval of [2370...2739].

by NM upandcomer
Lichess Feedback - Game lost? #9

I think it should be a draw if you lose that position on time. However if you made the worst blunders in history they could checkmate you, but only after they give you a free promotion opportunity and…

by NM upandcomer