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Search "user:tjuafu"

19 posts found

Lichess Feedback - Reconnection problem when playing live games. #3

I have the same issue, Lately I got disconnected randomly during games. I play from the US but before it wasn't a problem... Furthermore, other pages are working fine while disconnected from Liches…

by tjuafu
General Chess Discussion - Call out for huilcomeli ! #1

I want to call out huilcomeli for his fair play. In this game he blundered his queen on an obvious mouse slip (move 25). He didn't get mad, didn't ask for…

by tjuafu
Lichess Feedback - LiChess works on some computers on school network but not others #3

maybe a too old browser ?

by tjuafu
Lichess Feedback - New, totally beautiful type of chess #4

What about black choose white setup and white choose black setup?

by tjuafu
Paris meetup - 25 mars 2015 - même heure, même endroit #2

super !

by tjuafu
Game analysis - Wow what a move... #12

As a matter of fact there is a direct mate threat with the rook wich mean that black has to move his knight...either he plays nf6 loosing the knight Or nd6 keeping the knight but letting the white roo…

by tjuafu
Game analysis - Wow what a move... #11

Ill go with motion... @static shadow : kh1 rxf1 rxf1 and then? Black has no good move left and face a multiple check mate. Such as bg6 kg8 qh7. #.... What do you think ?

by tjuafu
Off-Topic Discussion - Deuxième lichess meetup à Paris ! #2

Malheureusement je ne pourrais pas être là :-/ Bonnes parties !

by tjuafu
Lichess Feedback - Lichess mobile chat #7

Well, I guess you're right. I just though it was easier to improve on the web interface to make it more optimised for mobile than to write an app. As for the size of the screen I don't see how making …

by tjuafu
Lichess Feedback - Lichess mobile chat #5

I play on my phone and everything work quite well. There are some thing to improve like chat and replay (the buttons are too small, it could be solved by being able to click on the left of the board …

by tjuafu