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General Chess Discussion - AstanehChess explains general ideas in the Classical Variation of the Caro-Kann Defense#1

In this video, Alex Astaneh explains the key ideas, plans and motifs of the Classical Variation in the Caro-Kann Defense. Hope you enjoy the video!

General Chess Discussion - Test and Improve your Chess Visualization Skills!#1

Hi everyone, Visualization is the ability to picture a position in your mind, to hold that position in memory and to imagine how the pieces can move without actually moving them over the board. One…

General Chess Discussion - Youtube channel with real chessboard#4

Thanks for the great feedback! In the future we will use also a wooden chessboard, because the color contrast of the white pieces is better. Have you any recommendations for a wooden chessboard?

General Chess Discussion - Youtube channel with real chessboard#1

Hi everyone, We have a Youtube channel, where we upload instructive chess videos about different topics using a real chess board. We recorded these videos with 2 cameras and in 4K resolution. For t…