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Game analysis - Is this knight a monster knight? Controls two important sqaures.#4

I would saw so. In the prototypical games of a "monster knight", usually it is a knight that is deeply entrenched around the enemy king which the opponent has to sacrifice a rook to get rid of. Either…

General Chess Discussion - Can you help me in this book excercise?#10

Interesting, I got 30 assuming 0-0-0 is possible. If 0-0-0 is not possible then it's 29. 0-0 is illegal because it's castling through check. 0-0-0 is legal unless the black king or rook has moved prio…

General Chess Discussion - Need training partners for long time control (tournament prep)#1

Hello Lichess Community I'm hoping some players out there would be interested in playing long time controls (preferably 60+0) with me as I want to practice for an upcoming tournament. It's hard to …

General Chess Discussion - Lichess v2 is here#82

There are a lot of +'s to V2. The only downside is the sizing. The time clock is just too big, it was way better in v1. Everything else seems like an improvement except for that.

General Chess Discussion - Please Allow us to use the old VERSION!#16

I really don't like how everything is so BIG now... It feels less efficient and a worse use of the screen space. When i'm in a game now, the board is always on the left side of the screen instead of c…

Lichess Feedback - Tactics puzzle repeated on computer and phone app#4

I have found that solving puzzles on the app alone leads to repeating puzzles within the app. Meaning, I solve a puzzle once in the app. Some time later I encounter the same puzzle while training in t…

General Chess Discussion - Art of Ceoncentration#4

You just have to DECIDE to be focused and it will happen! I think I understand your struggle that opening preparation primes you to play moves automatically, which worsens your focus. But when you get…

Lichess Feedback - Handicap feature#4

It would also be cool for a time control handicap feature! Sometimes I play with my friends who are beginners and it would be fun to set something up where I have 1 minute and they have 15 minutes, fo…