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Off-Topic Discussion - I just had a really bad experience with a racist person#31

Blegh sorry to hear this has happened to you.

Game analysis - The power of studies.#2

Good work man! I too did a similar thing, made an opening book for myself and try to keep myself to it, compare after each game whether I could stick to my prepared plans. I have yet to find a way to …

Game analysis - cool mate for Black out of a Dragon / Yougoslav#4

Beautiful game!

Lichess Feedback - Tournament countdown clock stops at the end of a game#1

After the end of the game, the countdown of the tournament stops (next to the players clocks). I expected the desired behaviour is to have both player's clock stop but the tournament clock continue…

General Chess Discussion - What happened to chess etiquette?#7

One other thing that is I was taught as etiquette but seems to not be commonplace amongst some of my (otherwise quite sensible) opponents are about draw offers: most of the draw offers I get are in po…

General Chess Discussion - Thank you Lichess!#17

Best chess site ever, clearly made with love for the game! Thankful greetings from the Netherlands. Keep up the good work @thibault and team!