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Lichess Feedback - Feature request: Remove closed accounts from block list automatically #1

I just went through my block list and removed some accounts that have been closed since I blocked them. That shouldn't be necessary. Can you please just remove those accounts from everyone's block…

by fuxia
General Chess Discussion - Can't play in tournaments? #3

Your profile says: "This player uses chess computer assistance." Please contact the support for further questions.

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - I received a notification that I'm about to time out on a game that ended several days ago #4

That's a very old bug. I had that too months ago. Just ignore it.

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Puzzle rating is wrong #6

Everything on the same desktop computer, and I had no disconnections.

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Puzzle rating is wrong #4

Any updates? Please inform us when the rating bug is fixed. Thanks.

by fuxia
General Chess Discussion - Mods not responding when alerted to cheaters #2

Public shaming is *never* the way to go. Report and wait a little bit. Never ever blame someone in public.

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Puzzle rating is wrong #2

Hello? Any feedback? Should I rather report this on GitHub, or is there anything else I can do to help resolving this?

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Puzzle rating is wrong #1

Yesterday (Dez 17.) I crossed the 2100 mark in puzzle rating for the first time. This was quite an achievement for me, I even made a screenshot. :) Today I look a…

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Puzzle 64168 is wrong #1

In the "solution" is d5, after which the opponent plays the very bad and therefore unpredictable move Nxd5. There is no reason to play Nxd5. Ne5 and even Rg8 are…

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Bug: Can't create unrated tournaments anymore #1

I just tried to set up an unrated tournament from a position (Caro-Kann) and despiste the rating was turned off, the tournament was rated. The same happened to @pepellou with another tournament, also …

by fuxia