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Search "user:fuxia"

57 posts found

Lichess Feedback - Puzzle 64168 is wrong #1

In the "solution" is d5, after which the opponent plays the very bad and therefore unpredictable move Nxd5. There is no reason to play Nxd5. Ne5 and even Rg8 are…

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Bug: Can't create unrated tournaments anymore #1

I just tried to set up an unrated tournament from a position (Caro-Kann) and despiste the rating was turned off, the tournament was rated. The same happened to @pepellou with another tournament, also …

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Chapter limit in studies #4

I asked for that some time ago, and it was denied with the reason that there would be a need for additional UI features.…

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Rule against sandbaggers #3

Some people just need time and play worse if they don't get enough. Look at my ratings, I'd be excluded from a 1500 bullet tournament according to your subjective sense. :)

by fuxia
General Chess Discussion - Stockfish says i just played the "perfect" game. #2

The quality numbers you see for your side must be set in relation to those of your opponents. If your opponent is playing much worse than you, then you don't even get many opportunities to make mistak…

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - New Feature: Auto forced move #9

Even if there is only one move left, the player has to make a decision: move or resign. That should be in the hand of the player only, because it is still possible to make a wrong decision for whi…

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Opening name #9

Bad lines have names too. Showing the name is no help at all.

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Insights is using the wrong opening name #3

Steinitz played everything. :) The ECO name is B17 Caro-Kann/Karpov Variation. That's also what the analysis is calling this correctly.

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Insights is using the wrong opening name #1

I was just looking into my "Insights" and noticed that the CK/Karpov Variation (1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Nd7) is called Steinitz Variation there. That's very confusing, and I guess it happens…

by fuxia
Lichess Feedback - Analysis board could really use a tweek. #8

Tampermonkey is for JavaScript. My code is CSS, a different language, so you need Stylus or something similar.

by fuxia