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29 posts found

Lichess Feedback - Play against computer starting although it is not his turn. #2

Having trouble reproducing. Can you reply with a FEN of the position in question?

by freefal
Lichess Feedback - new lobby system not acknowledging my point spread #2

Lobby seeks are now placed in the corresponding pool if time controls match and the seek is rated, and rating ranges are not used.

by freefal
Lichess Feedback - Lichess grows! #4

No, this change happened a few days ago so the current player numbers are not comparable to numbers 4 months ago or even a week ago.

by freefal
Lichess Feedback - mobile app AI bug #7

Got it. Think, and I emphasize think, @veloce and I have tracked down the root cause of this. We will be creating a fix and then releasing it when we confirm that it solves the issue.

by freefal
Lichess Feedback - mobile app AI bug #3

Anyway, please let me know if you are able to reproduce it reliably and let me know how. Otherwise, I will keep my eye out for it and hopefully fix when I can reproduce.

by freefal
Lichess Feedback - mobile app AI bug #2

Another user @Ryan90 also reported this bug. He seemed to believe it was castling-related. Do you see the issue when you castle or at other times as well. Months ago I think I ran into this bug onc…

by freefal
Lichess Feedback - Bug Android - switch side automatically #3

By that I mean a specific series of moves or other steps. I just played a couple offline computer games as black with no issues.

by freefal
Lichess Feedback - Bug Android - switch side automatically #2

If you find a way to reproduce it reliably, can you post back here so we can track it down?

by freefal
Lichess Feedback - tournaments in app #2

This feature was added to the app yesterday. If you update the android app, you should be able to play tournaments. If you're on iOS, the update should be coming shortly.

by freefal
Lichess Feedback - [BUG] First tournament game disappearing #2

This bug was fixed yesterday.

by freefal