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Off-Topic Discussion - Internet-Trolls#26

The Teams administrator for the school needs to set up the meeting defaults so that * anonymous people cannot start the meeting, * do not automatically admit people into the meeting * do not all…

General Chess Discussion - Confirm move: is it bad for skill?#4

I use move confirmation because I was frustrated with my own mouse slips. I don't use it to visualize the move, but rather just make sure that the piece ends up on the right square. If you maintain th…

Off-Topic Discussion - What's your favorite line from a movie ?#105

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. ---And the final follow-up--- ... I want my father back you son-of-a-xxxxx (The Princess Bride)

General Chess Discussion - A question about cheaters#4

It may also be that the person is just simply slow in calculation. In my case, my classic rating is 400 points higher than my blitz rating, and I won't even try bullet. I don't cheat at classic. Inste…

General Chess Discussion - Takeback opinions make me quit Lichess#8

I have switched views on this topic. Initially I was for takebacks - similar to EXOprimal. But, I had two bad experiences in a row and that refined my thinking. I play with takebacks turned off. If…

General Chess Discussion - Lose Your Queen: QUIT!!!!#3

As a lower-rated player, I agree - play on. The initial frustration of blundering the queen is a jolt, but then I think that at the level I'm playing at, my opponent may also do the same. This is also…

General Chess Discussion - When your opponent adds time without first asking you#7

I don't think a change to the interface is needed. If you do not accept the additional time, simply resign if your original time expires. Unlike a takeback, you don't need your opponent to agree. …

General Chess Discussion - To grant a takeback or not, #3

I generally err on the side of giving take backs. I’m just trying to develop my game and I appreciate when others are at the same stage Conversely I rarely request take backs. The only exception is…