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Lichess Feedback - lichess interface#8

thankyou toad ,... i dont consider an opening name and code assistance either its a nice feature and it promotes learning i'm not plugging i prefer this site by far

Lichess Feedback - lichess interface#6

They have this feature on I like to know the name of the opening and code the you can look it up after the game if you get beat Free

Lichess Feedback - Rematch grayed out#2

its never happened to me ?

Lichess Feedback - lichess interface#1

i would like to see the name of the opening as we play it : eg. e4 ,... king pwan opening c5 the sicillian ,..c3 smith morra gambit ?thank you

Lichess4545 League - Late joining#6

okay will do

Lichess4545 League - Late joining#4

i would also like to late join any chance

General Chess Discussion - Why you should report cheaters#10

how do you report cheaters

General Chess Discussion - team tournaments #1

is there any team tournaments on this site i used to be a member of the internet chess club and they have a league called 45 45 league where people can play serious games for a team ,... i wondered …