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Lichess Feedback - my rating unaltered, if I play against the computer.#2

Games against the computer are always unrated. You can choose the difficulty and takeback any moves, so it doesn't really make sense for them to give rating.

General Chess Discussion - Is it okay to have fun with the opponent when secured the win#6

The opponent can just resign if they don't want to continue playing so there's not really a reason to disallow it. And ofc you might mess up and still lose. Still usually bad manners though, as others…

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Lichess Feedback - Is puzzle storm adjusted to your rating?#2

No, Puzzle Storm and Puzzle Streak always start at the same puzzle difficulty and increase the same with each puzzle.

Lichess Feedback - Error when posting: "Cross origin request forbidden"#2

One of those add-ons or possibly Waterfox itself (maybe due to a privacy setting) is probably removing the Origin header from requests which it really shouldn't.

Lichess Feedback - Missing messages#2

Ask your opponent to check

Lichess Feedback - Missing opponent's time#2

Can you post a screenshot? (upload it to imgur and post the link)

Lichess Feedback - Question about interactive chapters#2

There's currently no way to do that when viewing your own studies. You can view them in incognito mode or another browser to always see them in solving mode.

Lichess Feedback - Opponent's rating#2

Lichess Feedback - Running out of time while premoving#2

If your ping is too high, you'll still lose time even on a premove. There's not really much that can be done there, lag can't be compensated without a limit.