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Game analysis - i played a good game i thinkk give me feedback please.#5

I found something to commentate: First, you played very well with material ahead! Then we talk about your move 5.d4 with your idea b3. If black plays well he will not have much problems, because you…

CM Vandus
Game analysis - The shocking b2-b4 in the Rossolimo#2

That`s really a nice hit! Good game!

CM Vandus
Game analysis - What happened to black?#5

I tell you, what the computer doesn`t tell you: 5...f5!? is a risky move, but not that bad. 6...h6?! is bad, better develop with 6...Nf6. After that you played really good! At move 20, I think, you …

CM Vandus
Game analysis - pls analyse this game for me, i am white.#3

4.Nd5!? develop with 4.d3 or 4.Nge2 is simpler 6.dxc6?! helping B development, giving up center. Straight forward is 6.Nf3 or 6.Ne2 14...Qxe2? is a blunder because your king is weak with queens on b…

CM Vandus
Lichess Feedback - Getting banned for aborting games before the first move!!#4

Thanks for the discussion! I want to make clear that it isn`t such a great deal for me, and I`m threatening nobody. I only say, there should be a hint somewhere, perhaps in the Q&A-Sector? Best…

CM Vandus
Lichess Feedback - Getting banned for aborting games before the first move!!#1

There should be an extra hint that you can get banned for aborting a game before the first move is made! I aborted some games before in the 20 sec time and was very surprised that I got a warning to g…

CM Vandus
General Chess Discussion - How do I improve my middle game?#20

Hello tdunlap, I watched your example game. I think you should focus on tactics between 1 and 4 (perhaps later 6) halfmoves! in your games. Try to calculate them correct! Don`t loose a pie…

CM Vandus
General Chess Discussion - I win casual games but lose rated games...Any tips?#9

Hi Jim, i saw your 2 games and if you allow I have some overall tips for you: -play more prophylactic (watch opponent`s plan, if it`s good destroy it, if it`s bad ignore it)! -focus on exchanges (…

CM Vandus