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General Chess Discussion - endgame starting boards#1

Every game starts with the same position, so we played early positions a lot. Let's play some endgames. Here's the FEN code for 8 pawns and king vs 8 pawns and a king. 3k4/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/3K…

Off-Topic Discussion - Pay you respects for Kobe Bryant#3

Nty, I am good

Lichess Feedback - Please, for god's sake, bring back 'Claim victory' button!#9

It's good to see that lichess is listening to player's feedback. I'm also glad I'm given the option to let the timer run out in case my opponent reconnects. I did lose a match because of the update, p…

Lichess Feedback - Multi-premove Gone?#4

You know what would be cool, multipremoves in a way that allows the user to move pieces of any colour. So that the move is executed on the condition that the predicted move is played.

Lichess Feedback - Bug#3

Could you post a link to the game?