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1515 posts found

Game analysis - Sarg0n's fresh blitz games #60

Nice shell hit.

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - Did some high-level chess player learn alone #30

Well, I will call GMs title fellows of mine in future. ;) At least we play chess and not a ‚chess’ variant like chess–pieces long throw.

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - Did some high-level chess player learn alone #22

I‘ve played 200 classical tournaments within 30 years and no–one in the scene ever mentioned those weird variants which are offered at lichess. We sometimes talk there about mountainbiking, hiking and…

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - Say what you want about Magnus ... #12

All in all he is the new Chessiah we‘ve all been waiting for so long. People always recognize this (too) late.

by CM Sarg0n
Lichess Feedback - Accusations of cheating #51

We can‘t discuss/compare some feelings and claims („alternative facts“) with the gathered millions of points of meta data / metrics recorded by lichess. If they turn down an appeal things look gloo…

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - What pawn to push? #6

If you think the goal of a „center“ is pushing the pawns as early as possible: I recommend reading some basics.

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - After about 20 atempts finally made it over 2150 tactics trainer :/ #17

Tactics are important, but by means of the tactics trainer you learn only a small part.

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - What pawn to push? #3

Best formation is the phalanx. Pushing only if very concrete goals can be achieved. Premature pushing is very typical of inexperienced players, the position often becomes worse due to lack of flexibil…

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - unbelieveable #23

Those who cannot stand losing on time when mate is possible should play with increment instead of barking at the moon. Or play in the US / at US servers. FIDE, playchess, chess24 use a consistent …

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - how is black better here? #7

Yeah right, probably it‘s the Bg7 which makes the difference. Instead of pushing all pawns a timely c2-c3 might have been better to bolster the sniper. I like Black.

by CM Sarg0n