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2984 posts found

General Chess Discussion - Cheating #2

Why do people always think the cheaters are caught cavemen-style? Of course such simple things are done. This is state-of-the-art:

by CM Sarg0n
Off-Topic Discussion - "Hi Sexy People!" #11

Nice to mate u!

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - [Dumb Question] Is it possible for white to win from this point of the game ? #2

There is a legal sequence of moves which leads to checkmate. Alas, Black is somewhat better. Found a similar material distribution:

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - What is the worst poor sport you have ever seen? #12

By the way, as far as I can rely on my sources Fischer was the best sportsman over the board. He was the perfect gentleman during the games. To the contrary, all this iditioc stuff and bat-shit insane…

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - What is the worst poor sport you have ever seen? #11

#1, "request" a draw, what does that mean? Reading between the lines I consider both players guilty". Moving and offering/declining draw, that's the rules. Stick closely to them, that's my recommen…

by CM Sarg0n
Lichess Feedback - Touch move rule #5

There are hundred of more important differences to otb (pre-moving, no arbiter, only legal moves are accepted, multiple games, all sorts of acquiring information during a game, takebacks, auto-pressin…

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - Passed pawns under lock and key or winning a lost rook endgame #1

Friday night I played an otb tournment game against a youth player I know; FIDE-Elo 1928 but stronger I suppose. I had the white pieces. Had some advantage in the middle-game but it wasn't easy. At…

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - What's your opinion on this anonymous game I played ? #2

2. ... Ke7 Stopped reading and closed.

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - Question #8

Even the excuses become worse.

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - 2. Bc4 !? against the sicilian #48

A position can only be drawn or won. Everything else is estimatrics - it doesn’t come to the point. At least I gave you some facts, e.g. how often it has been won actually.

by CM Sarg0n