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2586 posts found

Game analysis - Epic! #8

And it’s the right corner of course. ;)

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - Do you prefer to play as black or as white? #6

That’s question is designed for noobs. Serious players have to like both, otherwise: wrong hobby/job.

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - What do you guys think about Takebacks? #2

Takebeggar. Nuff said.

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - Epic! #3

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - Reason for Rc1? #6

Yeah, we need a feature like "zero move" for demo purposes.

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - Modern Benoni move order question #7

I am a Benoni noob and would certainly lose it with both colors. But sometimes if a6 is answered by means of a4 then Qe7 stops e4. So e4 allowing b5 is reasonable.

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - New Thought-Process #4

Nowadays they have played millions of games in the internet, they have got high-class engines, databases sources. Of course there 10.000 hours of chess count more than ever before.

by CM Sarg0n
Lichess Feedback - Message of making use of computer. #2 They never come back.

by CM Sarg0n
General Chess Discussion - Is 1 Min Chess Even Really Chess Or Something Else Entirely? #10

If a large part is based on premoving this is of course not chess. Rather poker. Besides, it even Nakamura confesses that bullet in not chess...

by CM Sarg0n
Game analysis - Reason for Rc1? #2

What does a rook do on a semi-open file? Pressing against the piled-up pieces. Bxc6 followed by e4-e5 and Rxc5 is in the air. General advice: play it against the computer, it will show its ideas qu…

by CM Sarg0n