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Lichess Feedback - Sound Bug.#1

After V2 the low time warning no longer works. I have it turned on in perferences. Also there is no longer a sound for when games get aborted. Using Firefox 66.0.4 (64-bit).

General Chess Discussion - Puzzles#4

Oh yeah.

General Chess Discussion - Puzzles#2

It is impossibe. White would have to make an odd number of knight moves and black would have to make and even number of knight moves (or vise versa) in the same number of moves, and that it clearly…

General Chess Discussion - Theory in the Petroff#10

I play it occasionally and know the theory of the Petrov to a depth of 4 plies.

Lichess Feedback - Bug in the Opening Explorer.#1

In some positions, when giving the results from different moves, the percentages add up to over 100%. For example, after '1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5+ ' the results of '... Nd7' add up to 101%.

Lichess Feedback - Bug Report: Feed says that thibault posted.#1

My feed says that Thibault posted in the topic 'Site icon for browsers' but I can't find the post. It is not on the topic and it is not recorded in his activity feed.

General Chess Discussion - GM blunders#9

#8 Yes.

Lichess Feedback - Auto-queen#1

Could we the option to only automatically promote to a queen enabled with 30 seconds or less remaining?