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Game analysis - DEEP LINE: Insane win in the delayed bong cloud opening#6

Out of all the possible chess opening's I've encountered I have always been a strong supporter of King dominance. You might tell me it's 2019 and Patriarchy roles have been reversed already but the ki…

Lichess Feedback - 👿👿👿What's wrong with lichess ? 👿👿👿#20

U can be offensive without using offensive words. Mods are not retarded, if they warned U you should probably take a look at ur behaviour, plus it was just a warning, no need to get so stressed about …

Lichess Feedback - People who leave games without resigning #4

Works fine IMO, i only see it like 1/100 times.

Game analysis - Why is my move a blunder, the analysis suggested best move is a blunder for sure!#3

lol after Qxa6 (you win a bishop) and black plays Rxa6 (you lose a queen for a bishop) you can play xd6 and win the queen back (you are now 1 bishop ahead)

Lichess Feedback - Hello! Question about my account#3

Idk man but when i click on your profile it says: this user uses a chess engine

Game analysis - Smothered Mate Epic Fail#2

thats a pretty epic fail

Game analysis - I'm terrible at chess#9

First 4 moves were definitely solid but a common mistake with beginners is that they feel forced to pin down their opponents knight with their bishop. Instead of bishop B5 you should have probably pus…