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General Chess Discussion - lidraughts#1

lidraughts is a really fun new site, identical to lichess where you can play international draughts and its great fun for a chess player like me. There is however one problem. The site …

Lichess Feedback - Correspondence#8

The reason why I’m so confident on this is that I do play on other sites and there are many many players there playing many more games than I do. Although it is true that correspondence tournaments ar…

Lichess Feedback - Correspondence#7

Yes I understand what you say and I agree but the players do exist. The fact is they use different sites due to the downfalls of this site. So I’m not so sure it wouldn’t be a good use of their time. …

Lichess Feedback - Correspondence#5

A number of other small details that could do to be fixed: Can only view 9 games at a time in order of time left Order of time left doesn’t always work Doesn’t show number of games above 100 on the…

Lichess Feedback - Correspondence#4

And how is that so? What if I want to have time to make my moves if I want but I want to have enough games to not be bored. Many people have a large number of correspondence games, I don’t see how you…

Lichess Feedback - Correspondence#2

Update: the issue seems mainly relevant to games with 0 moves made.

Lichess Feedback - Correspondence#1

Hi, I recently created a large number of correspondence chess games (3 days). (100+ games) I frequently find games that do not come up on the correspondence games tab with significantly lower time lef…