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Thank you so much!

by Journey_to_NM
General Chess Discussion - New chess variant: Puppetmaster chess #16

you didnt make this up lol this was basically played during Levy Rozman and Bikfoots dual stream lol *basically hand and brain with each other

by Journey_to_NM
General Chess Discussion - Finding Novelties #3

why would someone work for a week trying to find a good novelty and share it with everyone? (good novelties take much more than a week anyway) lol I get the concept seems like a fun idea but if I had…

by Journey_to_NM
General Chess Discussion - lichess streamers leaving #1

its quite sad to see many lichess streamers leave lichess and convert to other chess sites

by Journey_to_NM
Lichess Feedback - Petition to add daily classical arenas #38


by Journey_to_NM
General Chess Discussion - Developer update: 275% improved game compression #17

I don't know anything about coding and such, but what does this mean to the community of lichess?

by Journey_to_NM
General Chess Discussion - Rematch Button please just remove it. #24

i think someones just salty

by Journey_to_NM
Lichess Feedback - Engine never loads #23

^ started happening for me yesterday. what do I do?

by Journey_to_NM
Classical Chess Sparring Club - In search of sparring partner #1

Hello, I have recently been learning the Sicillian Defense and would like a partner to practice with for both the white and black side. If you are interested please message me. Thanks!

by Journey_to_NM
General Chess Discussion - is copying Lichess #20

and to add to the earlier comment of mdinnerspace. is paranoid, they are practically forcing chesbrah to play only on they are sponsored by them but theyre streams and youtube vide…

by Journey_to_NM