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General Chess Discussion - Tournament: ChessWhiz Cup#6

Starts at the same time as Arsenal - West Ham :( Nevertheless, but i am in!

Lichess Feedback - Wrong urls in comments for strings translation.#1

Many urls with examples of usage of particular string contain ")". String numbers: 1/434 2/434 9/434 19/434 23/434 24/434 62/434 69/434 74/434 78/434 79/434 90/434 96/434 97/434 99/434 120/434 121/434…

Lichess Feedback - Date format in pgn#1

Because of YYYY-MM-DD some chess apps can't properly parse date. It should be YYYY.MM.DD

Lichess Feedback - Problem: Computer analysis not available for games started as challenge#5

The same problem. Played 2 games two games today as a challenge and i cant start analysis.

Lichess Feedback - Feedback on the new game chooser interface#24

Old game chooser was much better.

Lichess Feedback - Facebook#4

idea about adroid/meego app is not bad.