Your Future Ambition 🤔

I want to break the Guinness World Record of the most pizza eaten in a minute. Nom nom nom nom

I want to heck see sharks and get my head bitten off and become a headless horseman

Future World Chess Champion
Currently in class 12 trying to get an engineering degree as backup

Now the pilot's profession is being killed, like many other professions. The pilots disappear, the operators remain in the work. For the time being, pilots remain on some types of aircraft like turboprops and Boeing-737. What is the difference between an operator and a pilot? Very briefly: The pilot controls the aircraft - his control actions are transmitted directly to the aircraft control surfaces (does not matter through mechanics or hydraulics or other). The operator's control actions go only to the computer. And then the computer decides how much to deflect the plane's control surfaces.
Aviation is being led in the unmanned direction (like many other things).
Just for information.