WHO LOVES EEVEES AND KOOPALINGS?! This document is for you. 9 images with a short introduction and sentence descriptions of each image. Read to the end to find out what to do/expect in the future. Talk to me at @Hey_Grandma by clicking it < for ideas of new documents that are not one of mine (classical board games and card games is the future expectation. Do not request that.) After ya click my profile, press the speech bubble and type whatever image or collection of images YOU want. If a collection, they must be related in some way, or else they will be scraps for a future document I will make.

1 person checked the document out. Who is it on Lichess? Tell me and write me a suggestion on Lichess at @Hey_Grandma.

u need golgi apparatus.
u don have golgi apparatus.
no can see now codument grandma.

You state in your profile that you unsuccesfully attempted to include images.
There actually is a way to do this, the trick is that you have to paste not the image itself but a link to it.
So if you found the images in question on the internet, and remember where you found them, and they are of the right size, you can just copy the link directly.
Otherwise, you can upload the versions you like to an image hosting website ( or similar) and post the link into your profile.
As an example, if I post the link "" without quotation marks, it generates the image it links to:
If you wish, you can include animated images using the same method (you would need to host the .gif file somewhere).

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