Which browser after Internet Explorer?

So Microsoft stopped support for the Internet Explorer 11 and no newer versions exist. Is there any good alternative to someone who used IE since version 5? I don't like Fire Fox and am very unhappy with Chrome that I currently use because Lichess is supported. I'd like to hear if anybody uses Microsoft Edge. Is it good for someone who likes control over their PC. I still like to download web pages and files to have them locally. I don't care for Smartphones, Clouds, Synchronisation, easy access to App Store and other "inovations" which vendors try to persuade us make the use easier. Thank you

P.S. I have a desktop with Windows 7 that is offline and Laptop with touchscreen on Windows 8.1.

> if anybody uses Microsoft Edge. Is it good for someone who likes control over their PC
True, but don't forget to mention that's Microsoft's control over your PC, not yours.

Give another try to FireFox, it's a very safe browser, there are plenty of plugins, I really can't figure out what functionality you are missing in FireFox after having used IE.

I hope this advice helps you.

Ditto on Firefox. I have used it for years and have no complaints. I am a low level user, I admit, not many extras that I care about, but they keep their browser clean and safe.

Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Or you can maybe try Brave Browser.

See which you like.

I assume you are on a PC running Windows. Until recently I was using firefox 100% of the time. Now I just use brave. Chrome is spyware but so is the whole internet nowadays.

@hal9k I'm afraid it's the lesser evil, since I already use windows.

@FunkyHamster I think firefox was the first to introduce that ugly yellow ribbon at the bottom that appears whenever you download something. I liked the old right-click and save as... thing. Very easy, you download stuff where you want. Does it have a basic menu bar, like file, edit,view etc? Seriously, now I am looking at my Chrome and I only have: an address bar in the middle, nice and wide but then, I only see to the right of it a star to bookmark the page, and on the left are back, forward and refresh buttons. And that's all.

I see some familiar names, Opera, Vivaldi, but I've never heard of Brave. I used Opera for short time and it was not bad. I'd like to hear from someone who is using Edge. Thank you all for suggestions.

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