When is your birthday?

My birthday is whenever is it. But... does it matter? I mean like.... Sometimes I feel stupid about birthdays... Even my own. Just... I can't understand the people who are saying about their birthdays things like "I had the best day ever".

It's way too late, obviously, but...

Please don't reveal sensitive personal information in a public forum!

Your birthday can be used to identify you, which means that it could be used to impersonate you.

Please take this seriously, so you don't accidentally answer the next forum posts:

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#46 we don't mention the years of our birthday, just the month and day which is extremely likely to be the same as the several billion people who live in earth

i personally think this is okay 'cause i don't think one would be able to impersonate another just by the knowledge of his/her birthday month and day

as for your other questions, well of course people will be more reluctant to give their bank acc number, house keys, or social media passwords out for everyone to see, so you don't need to worry about that