What's your opinion on pot?

Pot can be great. Enjoyed it in my youth and still occasionally partake. I find it helps remove the 'background noise of everyday life' and leaves my brain to wander where it wants.

Pot has a lot of medical and recreational uses.

The criminal element that is a result of the illegality of pot is unfortunate. The socioeconomic hardship that results from this is also horrible.

I know that some may use pot to their detriment, but I don't think that justifies the criminalization of it.

Let people decide what they want for themselves.

Criminals choose crime because it is an easy way to make a lot of money. If you made pot legal, criminals would just find another way to make quick money.

tl;dr criminals aren't good people. they are bad people who exploit and harm others for their own benefit.

MY opinion on weed is awesome! Thanks for asking! I have been aware of this issue for some time yet... well every time I am prepared and ready to organize my thinking and gather and publish my higher thoughts or bullshit I don't actually remember what it was. Then it's not funny but... I know it isn't the first it happened too....starts to be funny

anyway. if i ever remember what happened when i knew i'll try to remember where this is and maybe i'll make it back here WITH a status update or at least a strategy


criminals are responsible for a little more than that. Give them at least enough credit to account for every reported crime. For good measure estimate how much crime is undetected. Then give credit to the criminals for ALL they do in this world.

Then you will be equal with Jesus when you see it is only crime and all this crime is a subsystem of a whole 'universe' or some of one which is ALL completely fabricated arbitrary and the biggest deception and lie of all put together. There is ONLY crime, criminal! the bottomless pit stretches out into black 46 billion lights in every direction accelerating expansion fleeting away from us spreading apart the 'edges' of known space faster than light! creating a 4 dimension 'hole' we call space but is clearly darkness and death forever only getting bigger. so we're gonna be in here for a while it seems - for ever actually, in perpetuity for all time and eternity will we be bein' in here actually - that's just on the one mathematical level though. but that is also certainly fully damning. soo .... what else?!

who's getting married?!

Well, very good. Yes. You are right SOME of us SHOULD be free to make our own personal decisions in responsible manner. And some need to learn when it is appropriate or not to speak out in turn. You


This is proven dead wrong for men women children monkeys and god. what you just said last. is the most incorrect thing ever expressed in any way forever. You said the dumbest shit for all the universe to celebrate and forever have a goood laugh @FoxKing (God, he'll hate that!)

"Let people decide what they want for themselves."

NO. sorry no. that is wrong. do not attempt this

O yes! I remember now...

I used to smoke pot 35 years ago when I was younger.

I would lovingly use pot now, but fortunately, lately I turned to be an ultra-marathon runner, and the experience after having run 1,000 miles or so is similar to pot's yea, vomiting including.

Like with everything in life there are winners and there are losers! I've invested in quite a few marijuana stocks and have done very well with those investments. In that sense it's a winner! Of course, there are always those who are losers who do the drugs, but the fact remains that this world is overpopulated as it is. The high one gets from marijuana comes from a deterioration between the two hemispheres of one's brain....if you don't know that and you use marijuana then you're DEFINITELY a LOSER!! Of course, as mentioned the world is overpopulated as it is! I also own a lot of stocks in various casinos.....losers sit at a slot machines and constantly give me money....WHY?..I don't know why they do it, but I LIKE THE DIVIDENDS!!!

So my advice is to invest in the stocks and let these degenerate losers pump up your bank account! I'd rather play chess and drink coffee.

Should have harsher prison sentences for idiots using that sort of thing. Disqusting low-lifes who shouldn't be allowed to live with a roof over their head. Especially the dealers.