What kind of music do you like

I heard people with high IQ listen to rock and classic mysique :D

I'm doubtful there's any demonstrated correlation between music preference and intelligence, especially when both are so difficult to accurately quantify.

I wouldn't be so sure. High IQ is precisely quantified by MENSA's IQ test. Its feasible to survey those with the highest scores and let's face it, has probably been done already.
It would be interesting to see if those with a high chess rating share music taste....
Any takers?

I (member of Mensa in Germany) like a lot of different styles - classic, indie, "neo-classic" (e.g. Max Richter), experimental, but most of the mainstream music is not very interesting. Generally I see a lot of diversity in music styles preferred by other Mensans. Interestingly, I know from several Mensans that they like some kind of Metal (not my cup of tea).

I remember reading about a study that showed that mice had a higher IQ when they didn't listen to any music at all. Anyway, my favorite styles of music are house and chill. I hate heavy rock and I don't like classical music that much either, which might explain my extremely poor memory and cruddy chess skills.

That in itself maybe something that is common - a disregard for 'pop' music and / or a diverse music taste.
In the UK, we've the BBC who produce radio channels. I am willing to bet good money that those who prefer listening to Radio 6 would have a higher IQ than those who listen to Radio 1. Controversial - but still...

Cruddy chess? Anything above 1500 is a chess playing demon in my opinion.

I'd like very much Il Divo, Within Temptation and instrumetal music like instrumetal saxophone.

Ok - if we're going to admit stuff - I went to see Roxette in concert :D They were really good!