There will be no national borders in the future.

Misanthropic nonsense. At least tell me, isn't that something you would want to fight against? One of the things I find most repulsive in our day and age is that pervasive reek of anti-human sentiment. It's why I feel so strongly against the extremists of the environmentalist movement.

"The end is sure to get to the shops early before the main panic-buying starts."

I knew I had to do something, but as each day passed, something new happened that prevented me from doing it. Over time, I lost hope on humanity.

"The world will be already unified 1000 years later.
No country will be there.
And Aliens will come to earth.
The world law will be enacted.
Aliens might attack earth and a war might happen between humans and aliens.
What do you think about that."

The nation-state is a relatively modern concept. If you look back before the 18th Century or so, you will see that hard national borders as we understand them now basically don't exist. What we have right now may the anomaly--not that we will move to a world government system, but rather that we'll move back to the more fluid and fractured system of the past.

It was my understanding that Borders had gone out of business years ago.

The very fact that the world didn't end via the cold war turning hot actually gives me a lot of hope towards a unified world peace someday. Then again I wish we would hurry up and cultivate mars just in case.

Why all this strange speculation about things that are niether here nor there?

@Rumble_Fish Those of us that are using 3 dimensional perspectives kinda just sound like that. I know it is wierd to you 7 dimensional genius folks.