Solid Bitcoin Faucet

So I've seen that the Bitcoin old topic was archived and decided to open this one!

This is super old Bitcoin Faucet that has many great features including lottery, interest on your Bitcoins and much more!

I remember using it back in the day, but Bitcoin wasn't that expensive and I've lost interest!

Now though this website has over 32 million users and is growing exponentially, and I'd like to share my ref link here for anyone who's interested:

Anyone who'd register would be much appreciated, plus all the refs can give back which is win/win!

Using said website is very simple and self-explanatory and you get some free Bitcoins every hour anyways!

I wonder how many Bitcoin enthusiasts from here are already using it, lol!

Hope I'm not breaking any rules, if so then let this topic to hang here (pun intended) if not then it can be deleted!


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