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  3. Roblox, Eevees, Eeveelutions, Baldi's Basics fans (I am one of those too!)

Roblox is a website. Eevees are Pokemon. Baldi's Basics is a game about your friend forgetting his notebooks and he doesn't want to be late for eating practice. Baldi the teacher is obsessed with math and loves challenging his students with trivia problems. He hates it when you get a answer wrong, and starts chasing you with a ruler through the school. There are kids like It's A Bully and Playtime who halt your progress. There is a principal that puts you in detention if you break the rules. There is a living broom (Gotta Sweep) in the janitor's closet. There is a hugging robot (1st Prize) who pushes you around the school. There are items that help you escape Baldi, like a BSODA and a Energy Flavored Zesty Bar. Read more below to know about these 4 subjects of my favor, divided into subcategories.

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