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"When Little Timmy Woke Up one day,

and donned his fluffy robe -

Coronavirus made its way

With pace around the globe .

It Spread to China, France and Spain,

The States, and Britain Too -

It travelled far by boat and plane

For each and all to view!

But Timmy stayed home at night,

And over time at last -

He found with joy and deep delight

Coronavirus Passed.

And so he lived to fight again -

He shook his head and sighed

But Yellowstone erupted then

and everybody died."

The boy stood on the burning deck
The deck was made of brass
He did a triple somersault
And landed on his arse

Mary had a little lamb
It's fleece was black as charcoal
And every time it jumped the fence
You saw its little...

King Jon un woke up one day
Ready to kill everyone
He sent a big nuclear tray
That eliminated everyone

Oh the faul stench that lingers above
The death of life enclosing around it
For the powerful force that survives is...
... a fart...

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