IRAN or USA ..which side are you on ?

IRAN or USA ..which side are you on ?
In the wake of the killing if Iranian general Qasim Sulemani, tensions have escalated between Iran and USA. Iran in retaliation has targeted Al-Asad US Air base in Iraq with 15 missile attacks.
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Iran has attacked US military bases in Iraq as expected by the american government. Now Trump can say: Iran is starting a war against us and he has finally got the open war he looked for. For us Europeans there are some sad consequences as he will claim that NATO has to react commonly once again. Europe will be forced once again to fight Americas wars.

You gotta be kiddin'
If you are congenitally stupid enough to think you can beat America in are an idiot.

And your dopey rhetoric is just that.

Iran threw a few fireworks in the general direction of a US military base.They intentionally threw wide.They want America to hit back with deadly force.Not gonna happen.

Fact...the Australian navy could shoot down the entire Iranian airforce in 12 minutes...and we have nothing heavier than a light destroyer.

How does @HussainINDIA know anything about the tension levels in the middle-east? Hollow incendiary rhetoric..he actually doesn't know.Stop trying to foment a race war on this site,mate.

@bunyip Iran may be inferior in weapons but in no certain terms are they inferior in integrity. They will fight till the end because battles are won with courage not weapons.