I have created a free and open source online backgammon server

Hmmm, my antivirus tellls it's suspicious site, why?
in Virus Total detected "Criminal IP
Abusix" is it safe or?
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Recent changes at

- Tabula games are now supported. Tabula is an ancestor of backgammon, and has been played for over 1,500 years. See
- Forced moves can be played automatically. (Enable in settings)
- Advanced checker movement is now supported. (Enable in settings)
- The UI has received some TLC: the high-DPI scaling support has been overhauled and buttons now have a bevel effect to highlight their function.

A new blog post has also been published: History of Backgammon

If you are looking to find someone to play with, share ideas or suggestions, or you just want to chat about backgammon, join the community via IRC / Matrix / Discord at

@s2numbuq35i said in #7:
> Nice, tried some games both in F-Droid app and browser. I'm missing a lot of QoL features at this point, but graphically the basis looks super solid.
> I understand it's still in development, but maybe my experience is useful. From the games I played I missed these features most:
> - resign option(s)
> - cube play
> - double click on a piece to move without dragging (high roll first, lower roll second)
> - spectating ongoing matches (maybe I overlooked it)
> Every year I try to remember watching the Backgammon World Championship. This year Frank Frigo from the USA won; very interesting match. You can learn a lot from these matches, also because they are commented on by former world champs.
> Also backgammon engines have a long and interesting history of contributions to AI development.

Thanks for sharing this helpful feedback. The doubling cube is available for matches worth more than one point. Right now all of the bots available only play one point matches, you will need to create a match to play with the cube. I just recently added support for double click and single click checker movement, you can enable it in **Settings > Advanced checker movement**. Spectating matches is supported, just click "Join" while an ongoing match is selected. I have opened a new issue for adding the ability to explicitly resign a game:

@aVague said in #11:
> Hmmm, my antivirus tellls it's suspicious site, why?

Most likely this is because the IP has been used in the past for nefarious purposes. The IP is allocated from the website's host, Exoscale, and I don't really have control over that. I can say that if you are worried about security, you can play using your web browser and the game will run in a sandboxed environment.
how close is backgammon to being solved? are backgammon engines significantly better than human players?
@pretzelattack1 said in #15:
> how close is backgammon to being solved? are backgammon engines significantly better than human players?

When I was searching for this myself, I came across this article describing the history of bg computation. It also goes into the question of why solving backgammon is computationally hard from a brute-forcing pov.

I think it for probably that reason that it was among the first games where scientists tried other ways (already in the 1970's), where they trained weighted circuits very similar to what we now (wrongly imo) call artificial intelligence.
@pretzelattack1 said in #15:
> how close is backgammon to being solved? are backgammon engines significantly better than human players?
stocahastic game cannot be solved in sense checkers tic-tac-toe have been.

Best engine is stronger than human. in 24 pt match expert backgammon would be about 2-1 favorite to win. Gnu Backgammon might be bit less favorite but would be favorite.

I do doubt if engines can get better. Game is not as deep as Chess or Go and added with fact that dice plays a role even on long match. Even objectively better moves would give marginal gains anymore as most of moves are already objectively the best. Improvement since late -90's is very small.

Due to engines and popularity of poker there are no longer sites where you can play backgammon for real money.
Oh and nice looking site. Next big problem is building player base. Hope u succeed. Good luck with that,

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