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  3. Got Warned for this really liches?!?

i typed in chat думб битцх which is not a word in any language.

Good try. I just put that into Google Translate, and I don't care to repeat what it means. It's Serbian, or at least a Serbian transliteration of a quite rude English phrase.

Just out of curiosity: If it is not a word in any language as you say, then why would you type it in the chat?

You get warned so you put it on the forum right after?

Not surprised.


lol, if i was a mod i would have booted your behind out of the server.

I'm sure he would have gotten a kick out of it.

He/she who post in forum rolls their stuff in little Balls
He/she who reads these words of wit eats those balls
(Get a life it is not like it is real)

No idea what this post by Dilian is trying to achieve. If you have a problem with the moderation, contact us directly. Closing.

This topic is now closed.