General chat .

We are currently minding our daughter's dog and cat because she had to evacuate her home due to bushfire threat.
The dog is one of those little yappy ones,and he also follows me around.
Every now and then I throw him a morsel and say "good dog".
That keeps him happy.

Just make sure you don't throw the cat to the dog. That could lead to problems.
On a serious note, I hope that your daughter will be able to return to her home soon, and find it in good condition when she does.

Cat=dog mass-wise.They put on some truly impressive mock-rumbles.
Thank you for your kind thoughts..most likely she will lose the home,since there are two converging fire-fronts from opposite directions.These are too big to be contained.They had time to retrieve the irreplaceable stuff like photos will cover the rest.Nothing to do now but wait and see.

From "Fantasy and Science Fiction " magazine April 1969...adverts section.
"3-D CHESS $2; U.S., Canada 3-D-Chess Club $3/yr; 3D-Chess Boards, Plexiglass $20., Box 4277-B Hampton,Va. 23364."

That link refers to post#34 here. The village of Springwood is where our daughter's home is.There is a second fire just south-east of Katoomba which is moving northward.They are due to meet up around Saturday .The fire graphed in the link has a perimeter of about 800 klms.(eight hundred)
Penrith on that map is where me and the missus hang our hat. For scale, we are about 35klms from Springwood.