Freaky Facts

Traffic lights were invented by Leonardo da Vinci in 1496; their purpose was to signal the arrival of the king (Henry IV at the time). The original design consisted of two blue oil lamps that were always burning to increase the visibility of the machine, one red light, which indicated that the royal carriage was approaching, and one white light which was used if the king would arrive by plane. Whenever one of the upper lights was turned on, the crowd would cheer, and so the tradition formed to honk at red lights. Today, many traffic lights have Leo's portrait engraved on them to commemorate the genius, and the word "vinci" is synonymous with the invention in several languages, including French and Clonomeese.

Leonardo ,as a consequence of his traffic-light invention,saw the need for mankind to become possessed of the micro-second.
The micro-second is the measurement of the elapsed time between the light being red,and changing to green.It only takes a micro-second for the person behind you to start honking their horn to inform you that you are a bloody nuisance by happening to be in front of them.

Traffic light was earlier used to know the arrival of the king.

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