Creation vs. Atheism

I'm in a bit of a bind here.......Apparently god just found out I committed suicide, so under the old rules, I'm to be burned for all eternity. Is your god a bit less harsh? I was hoping 3 years with good behaviour?

@BlackBishop9319 I think I somewhat appreciate what I hope you are trying to do, but the Internet is not really the best place for philosophical/scientific discussions, especially this particular debate (IMO). They never

- build friendships or respect

- change anyone's mind

- provide the best evidence for either side

However, I have seen them

- make people angry at each other and lose respect for each other

- encourage people to irrationally defend their belief at any and all costs, stubbornly staking themselves on a poor argument

- produce arguments that don't even begin to work and don't even represent Atheists/Christians at large while claiming to do so (strawmen ensue)

Of course, you are free to do what you want. This is off-topic discussion; lichess is generally pretty lax as far as what is discussed. However, I have seen how lengthy this forum thread is getting, and the arguments tossed around by both sides, and I just wanted to toss out my two cents.

The Internet + this debate = unproductive.

I mean, heck, now we're discussing Protestantism vs. Catholicism.


My religion is defined simply here as repenting, asking Jesus the Son of God to save us, and trusting in Him to save us.

In practice, my religion is simply about loving God and loving others as myself so that I don't live for self-gratification but to do what is best for others per Matthew 22:37-40 and Galatians 5:13-14. Love fulfills the Law because it does not harm others. (Romans 13:10)

God's virtues are holiness, justice, logic, and a desire to see all repent and do what is right. God does not force people to believe or do what is right; and punishment in eternity is necessary to keep evil people from harming those who do good; you cannot have Heaven on Earth so long as people do evil to others. He freely gave us this creation to oversee and we will all have to give an account to Him for our words and actions. God sent His Son Jesus to give us a way to change and become good so we as a race can do good once more like we were created to; He does not want to destroy us, but neither can He tolerate evil.

All believers in a “God” are perverts. They have an agenda that transcends normality. They believe they are holier than thou...One day, they will be dead.


So the fact that the majority of people on the planet believe in God transcends normality? Got it.

So would you say that makes 84% of the people on the planet perverts then?

I guess the atheist dictators who slaughtered millions of people like Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Vladimir Lenin, Kim Jong Il, and Pol Pot were "normal" then? What about Hitler and the National Socialist Party's Social Darwinism and eugenics, including Josef Mengele's experiments on humans in the name of science? Was that normal, when they had 800 protestant pastors arrested and executed the leader of the Confessing Church?

Would you really trust a Catholic priest with your kid, alone? I wouldn't. no way. Thousands of cases of priests molesting and/or raping kids....

True, Catholicism is evil by perpetrating so much homosexual child abuse.

@BeliefOnTheLordJesus nice try to shovel the blame on some group you don't like, you can't blame it on catholics and homosexuality, you and your idiotic religion is to blame for it.

you think you're a follower of jesus, but you're just a hypocrite who's full of hate. jesus would cast you straight into hell if he had the chance. so you're lucky he's not real.