Computer Assistance Mark (why??)

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Having worked with @C4L_Lane for several years, I will have to say that I am certain he is innocent. Of all coaches I know, @C4L_Lane is the most anti-computer guy I have seen. For a long time, it almost felt like he refused to believe that computers were actually better than people at chess. To think that a guy like this would actually cheat using a computer is ridiculous.

I know lichess mods are probably swamped with tons of messages/cases everyday, but I really hope that they gave @C4L_Lane 's case more than a cursory look. Most of the games that we play on our "C4L" accounts are against inexperienced/beginner level students who still make elementary blunders. I don't feel it is beyond reasonable that a player with some experience can take advantage of those blunders (lots of free pieces) and checkmate quickly (especially Lane who loves gambit/attacking chess). I know in some of @C4L_Lane 's games, the average centi-pawn loss seems low..., but I don't believe that the moves he needed to find (mostly free pieces and basic mating patterns) were all that difficult.

I understand why the lichess mods avoid giving reasons for their cheat conclusions, but this conclusion makes me fear the following:
1. Having too many wins or high accuracy games is a way to be suspected (I mostly run quick tournaments (blitz)) on this account, but I have a lot of wins too with high accuracy (just recently checked). Again though, a lot of these games are against young kids who are still learning the basics.
2. Fear of playing anything other than short blitz at the most (I notice @C4L_Lane had a lot of 10+0 games, a pool with a higher proportion of cheaters). Playing blitz, I can make most moves close to instantly (especially against weaker opposition), but if I ever want to run a 10+0 or more tournament for kids, I may get flagged as a cheater if I participate.

This post isn't meant to devalue all of the hard work and effort that the lichess organizers and mods put in to running such a great site. I hope though that they can take it upon themselves to take another look at @C4L_Lane's case.


I'm back!


After further investigating your case, we have determined that our cheat detection algorithms flagged your account mistakenly. We are continuously improving our cheat detection so that we can aggressively prevent cheating while minimizing the false positives. We apologize for the inconvenience, and have now removed the mark on your account.

Lichess mod team"

Is it possible to actually isolate coaching games from the cheat detection system? To my seriously not tech-savvy mind this would alleviate the problem of extremely low error / blunder tallies which might trigger a flag.

I play only unrated 15+0 , but I see a lot of intended piece-loss from opponents who are beaten. I started to wonder why this happens , and thought maybe my taking those offered pieces would show as a perfect series of when it happens I intentionally avoid slaughter and try to work a mate with what is on the board. Am I being overly suspicious of the motives of those opponents?

I was playing rated G10s with my students. My guess... is unrated games won't get triggered for a flag. But idk.

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