Chess set advice for newbie player

I'm new to chess and this forum. I've purchased a few books for beginners but really need to obtain full chess set to proceed further.

As much as I'd like a high-quality vintage wooden set and board, it seems to me I'd be better served at this stage by buying a nice quality plastic set with the algebraic notation on the board for the ranks and files. I'm not seeking rock-bottom cheap pieces and a flimsy board. Nor do I think it wise for me to purchase an expensive set at this time. Any thoughts on this review Grandmaster Chess Set from The House of Staunton looks attractive to me.

Can the members provide some recommendations?
Thanks in advance.

lolol..get a life. real new players don't worry about getting a pretty set to put on their mantle-piece.
You are advertising.

bunyip, thanks for your opinion.

I just like when things look unusual and hope to hear any interesting suggestions, which helps me to decorate my playroom

Yes, I created my account so far, but then loose interest in the game now gained it again.

I wonder, why it's bothering you guys?

You said new to chess . But its 2 years now that you joined.