Australian Bushfire Crisis

Right now, Australia is burning. The nation is being ravaged by the most devastating bushfire seasons the country has ever seen.

So far, more than 10 million hectares of Australian land has been burned with smoke reaching even South America. To put this in perspective, the tragic Californian wildfires ravaged around 1.2 million hectares across two years. The lasting effects can be detrimental to countless communities and families.

At least 26 people have died and over 2,000 homes have been lost. This is only the beginning. Typical Australian fire seasons are worst between January and March. Most states in Australia’s east are still in an official state of emergency as conditions continue to worsen and more people become unaccounted for. We are currently fearing a season worse than that of 2009 in which 200 people died.

As well as the tragic devastation the fires are currently bringing to our Australian communities, the local flora and fauna, that we so treasure, is taking a hit that not all species will recover from.

The global reaction has been one of support and consolation of the greatest magnitude. Us Australians being affected have been proud of the way we have banded together, and humbled by the support that those looking out for us have brought.

I understand that it can be very difficult to donate, I will attach a link to RedCross, however I’m not asking for donations. I am just looking to spread awareness within another large and intranational community so that anyone who would be willing to help in the most seemingly insignificant way, will hopefully become aware of the amazing impact they can have on the lives of so many Australians who have lost everything, or the suffering wildlife of our country.

If you would like to help spread awareness, please just bump this post so that others may see it. Every bit counts

Red Cross donation link and info about donations:

World Wildlife Fund donation link and info about donations:

Remember, I’m not asking for donations, but the spreading of awareness can help more than you know. Feel free to message me anything.

Love Pat
(@ST1CKS, @Variant_Ending, or @SultanofSuicide)


Gday. I'm guessing you are directly effected.Our daughter evacuated about 10 days ago,and is now just waiting to see if she still has a home when it's over.Her area cannot be defended any longer.
The unique thing with this fire season is that every state and mainland Territory is on the go at the same time.I'm fairly old,and have never seen fires on this widespread scale.
Good luck and stay safe.

Yes, a lot of the fires have been downgraded to ‘advice’, thank goodness, but the hardest part is still coming - the recovery. Stay safe x

and look out for scams now purporting to be relief efforts needing funding.. I donated thru the WWF funds.

you guys are tough as nails and twice as crusty you man dudes :)

my hats off to you and wish for the best for the people and the animals

Gday there.Thanks for your kind thoughts.Your heads-up about scams is spot-on.Ignore door-knockers and phone scammers.If anyone feels they would like to donate,stick with the organisations @ST1CKS mentioned.That way the help is directed where most needed .

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