A more politically correct way of identifying your pieces.

My suggestion:
King = The sorcerer
Queen = The witch
Rooks = The towers
Knights = The unicorns
Bishops = The twin brothers

You are right. I am a fool, because I forgot these poor boys.

Pawns = The 8 dwarfs or maybe The hateful eight (Quentin Tarrantino)

I should start writing a new chess story using these terms.

Maybe stuff like this : Which mate do I describe in the following scene ?

scene : The "Wicked Sorcerer", who was only accompanied by two of his "Dwarfs" , was trapped in the dungeons of his castle. The "Good Witch" approached him very quickly and tried to cast a spell on him. But she was crushed by one of the "Wicked Towers" just in front of the "Wicked Sorcerer". The "Last Unicorn" used the confusion and suffocated the "Wicked Sorcerer" mercilessly.

Make a puzzle on the story like that. I am sure it will be good.

I am thinking about it and then I will give this study a better name so that everybody can see that there is a fairy tale story in the study.

I guess that a lot of people haven't yet realized that there is a funny chess story hidden in my study with the serious name : "Puzzle Solving - Tutorial - 2000-2500"

My suggestion
Rook=Piece that moves n squares in one dimensions and 0 squares in the other dimension.
Bishop=Piece that moves n squares in both dimensions at the same time.
Knight=Piece that moves exactly 2 squares in one dimension while moving exactly 1 square in the other dimension
Queen=A piece that can either move like a rook or like a bishop.
Pawn=Unit that on it's first move when not making a capture can either move 1 or 2 squares in the y direction away from the starting position of friendly pieces, and on subsequent turns can only move 1 square in the y dimension away from the starting position of it's friendly pieces, and that when not capturing never moves in the x dimension. When capturing a pawn moves exactly 1 square in the y direction away from the starting position of it's pieces, and one square in the x direction.
King=Piece that moves similar to a queen, but can only move one square at a time, and cannot move to attacked squares or stay in attacked squares.

An historical aspect is when the soviets sought to take the religion out of the names and pieces, by taking the cross off the king's head and giving the "bishops" non-religious names and designs. We seem to have reverted back to a "christian-centric" system. Of course it may offend islam to have any representations of humans or animals, so only geometric shapes could be used.
a buddhist set would refuse to engage in the bad karma of capturing other pieces. there is no opposing force; we are all one.
a hindu set could be quite aggressive, but there could be no coordination between the pieces and pawns, as they are from distinct castes.