Zen-mode or just chat disabled: should the opponent know you are unreachable?

Dear lichess fans,

Today I tested with a friend two options:

1. the chat room checkbox, just to disable the chat for your game

2. the so called zen-mode, that do among other things, disable the chat as well.


What we find about it not being so great is that the opponent chat still works as if you are receiving and reading what he/she writes.

How about if / when the opponent disable the chat, we see a grayed message stating: "your opponent chat is disabled"


That would give a clear message that he/she is not reading, instead of ignoring or being rude.

Thanks for your input

My best,


Exactly. Maybe it could show the message "Your opponent MAY have disabled the chat" when a player starts a chat.

Why should the trolls know that chat is disabled?

> #5 : Why should the trolls know that chat is disabled?

I couldn't care less about the trolls.

But if someone nice (that occur from time to time, there are great people here) tries to reach out, to say "good game" or "hello", I would prefer them to know I didn't see than they think I am another added to the rude list.

This is a positive reinforcement to show the good guys we just disbled the chat; and if you must think about trolls, that actually discourages any stupid message at all, cutting trolls even before they can do their thing.

So, yes, I would love that warning.
Thanks for the input, that allowed me to expand on my personal view of the matter.

Agreed... eu concordo... eu só jogo no modo Zen, e fico preocupado se meu rival não sabe disso, pode achar que eu o estou ignorando no chat.

Maybe it should be the other way around and some icon should indicate that a player is open for chat messages, like the icon indicating a camera is active.

Maybe chats need to be set-up like a telephone.
Players can then filter the ones they want and ignore or delete the rest.

Default block all the chats in a tournament, unless user defined like in Preferences :
- Enable friend chat only;
- Enable top third of player standings to chat;
- Enable chats, filtered by selecting country flags.
- Enable all chats.