Win / loss against opponents not working

It is not working for previous opponents as far as I can tell. Used to click on their user name or mine and see this information. Same for new opponents: it does not work at all or works erratically, especially for multiple games.

Is this information now elsewhere in the menus?

It would be a shame if this is permanently gone....

It seems to work for me. I hover over someone name I have played before I can see 'Your score ? - ?' then when I click on that it takes me to the games I have played against them. How does it look for you, maybe you remember the account name of you played and I can check?

Funny coincidence. I just played a game after reading your note and it happened to be a previous opponent and it worked. But it did note update after the game.

My view would be the same as what you described if the name is clicked during a game but appears to still not be working properly, and many times the “your score” line does not show at all. I am talking about during games here only but you might be referring to some other menu view.

I tested now as well by playing an unrated game and it showed me the result right after the game. I wonder if it's a browser/app issue.

May i ask what browser you are using? @alertami

Would you be able to test on a browser like Chrome on a PC. If it still happens there. If it doesn't then it's mobile support.

I’ll try that and let you know.

Thanks very much for taking the time to exchange with me about this. I appreciate it.

I just tried a game on Chrome and I see what you mean about “hovering”.

So it worked at the end of the game. It shows up in blue but only on the opponents side, not on mine. Is that what happens for you too?

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