Why was I warned for losing games on purpose?

Because you resigned? Perhaps ne5 isn't the crushing blow to your position you think it is. Either that or you're straight-up sandbagging!

Check out some of the people I follow. The purpose of warning against what you did is to limit what the people I am following are doing.

Also it's not polite to just waste peoples time like that

@Doofenshmirtz You do realize that 2. Ne5 results in White having a mate in one no matter what Black plays, correct? (Since White will always be able to play 3.Nxf7#) So I would dare say that yes, Ne5 is "the crushing blow to your position" he thought it was.

@Nel_S is right. This is atomic chess for anybody who hasn't taken notice, and the capture on f7 for victory is unavoidable.

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