Why few users tournaments

In these days i notice that the tournaments created by users have practically disapeared, people prefer now to play the oficial ones?

@choti20 Thibault has confirmed that with the increase of players, there's an increase in user-made tourneys, and Thibault says that it would improve lichess if he just showed a low amount of tourneys.

Only tournaments created by titled players are shown at the moment. There may be tournaments created by other players as well, but they are not shown currently. Usually it will not be easy to find them.

Yes, thats what thibault wants at the moment. He wants it so people don't lag on/getting to the tournaments page. Thats why he's only showing official tournaments and tournaments by titled players (imo titled players don't really make that many tournaments, but now cause of chess clubs it's gonna increase)

Also in terms of team battles? I don't know how thibaults regulating that, you'd have to ask the big man himself!

Enjoy chessing!

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