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  3. "White left the game" I was playing the game!

I was playing quite happily and just went to glance at my game with the same player to see what colour I was. Wasn't sure how to open it but managed it. Go back a few seconds later and I've lost for "leaving the game"! This seems to be a new feature I wasn't expecting.

I've often left games in this way for short times. The opponent gets more time if my clock runs down and I may still be thinking about the move.

This is the game. Both players on 1.39 out of 2 minutes.

This is intended as feedback about the feature where you quickly lose the game if you leave the page for a few seconds.

People can still let their clock run down to near zero and then carry on playing without compunction (and that may not be a bad thing).

I support the old game abandonment feature, but this is too swift.

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