Warning for not moving

OK, so the purpose of the message is principally to remind the opponent (of the player who didn't move) that Lichess does enforce its terms of service. The message isn't principally intended for the violator, but instead for the benefit of the violated.

But in case the player who didn't move tries to apologize to the opponent (by finding the game in their game history; or in the browser if they were simply AFK) they also see this text.

The penalty policy is the same as before, btw.
We just get additional messages.

It happened to me once as well. It was a blitz game, I had last 15 seconds or so to find the way out of the trap of my opponent... I did not find it, I was flagged, of course and then received a warning that I should give up before I am flagged... so I have to think hard and focus and at the very same time think of the absolute necessity to give up one sec before the time is consumed.. that makes my mind pretty close to explode, I am afraid... . :) ... and it's a bit like getting two slaps in a single time...

I personally would always resign if I am in a losing position, but the idea that we are told how we should use the time on our clock is, in my opinion, bizarre.

If we have an hour on the clock, I can't see why we cannot go and make a cup of tea and muse on the position... and not move if we so desire.

#13 An example of a ridiculous situation.

The rule makes sense in the tournaments. No doubt. I would personally also try to resign just at the moment that I found out that my position is losing and can't be saved: That moment was right at the time my flag was falling. But I can live with it. It's just bizarre.

@Toutatis -- If you always resign in a losing position, then you will not get the warning. ;)

Unfortunately, there are players who won't resign in 100% clearly losing positions. They usually do this because they either don't care (aka "I want to enjoy my tea") or, worse, because they want to annoy their opponent for outplaying them (rage quit, nonafry etc).

So, a warning + ban was created for them, to discourage such behaviors. The idea is simple: when joining a timed game, people really agreed to PLAY A GAME OF CHESS, not to stare at a screen waiting for 1 hour uselessly.

p.s. Musing over a position can be done after resigning too. You don't need your opponent for that.

#16 I'm not worrying about ME getting a warning.

Yes I agree with your points... but I think there must be a better way. This is not a one cap fits all situation. For example, if you play 0+1 and can't think of a move for 5 seconds and your time runs out, you can get the warning - which seems silly.

# 16 You might mean it well but you are missing the point. Warning is also received by people who are not boycotting anything or anyone. For Toutatis this is valid in 0+1. For me, it's different. In 0+1 I can't even raise my hand (figuratively speaking). For me, fast enough is blitz. What Toutatis is saying about this not being a one cap situation is absolutely correct. --- But as I said, it's nothing serious.

#19 Funny how many people comment on "useless" posts :D

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