v2 bug/missing feature from v1: variations popup missing in Analysis Board and Study

In the Analysis Board and Lichess Studies, I like to navigate through moves/variations with the keyboard, avoiding the mouse as much as possible. In v1, when you arrived at a move with variations, a little popup would appear with the ability to select different variations by pressing up/down on the keyboard and then proceeding. With v2 it looks like that feature is gone, so it's necessary to click on each variation which is annoying and slow.

I know you can Shift+Arrow to enter/exit a variation, but as far as I can tell it doesn't work if there's more than one line.

I found two little differences from v1 that really annoy me... I cannot know mouseclick on "play" in the menu, I have to create a game in order to come back to main menu easily. And then, when we just select with the mouse without clicking on the username of a player, his ranking in the other game options doesn't appears. So if you want a v3.... you know what to add ^^ 😂

Second this, the missing variations popup is annoying. The new shit-arrow key combination is annoying and doesn't work if more than one variation is available.

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