Troll draw offers

was told this thread belongs here so here it is:

I've played a game (was told I was not supposed to share the link or publicly announce the troll player who IMO you should all avoid) - and reported the user some time ago but I got no response. I have allowed take backs as this is a blitz game and I am interested in reaching more interesting positions. However, on the verge of checkmate this troll made a draw offer instead of take back move which in a blitz game is hard to notice as it looks exactly the same in terms of graphics.

I accepted it by mistake and the user continued trolling in chat overfilled with joy.

Those players destroy the Lichess community and I have tried to be as polite as possible to all my opponents.

The draw result still stands and I aim to make no further games until this is reverted.
Not because of my rating but because of this player's presence in this platform.

Hopefully the rules around here encourage politeness and punish trolls accordingly.


The similarity in the design for both events fooled me too.
I also think this troll should be sanctioned.
BTW I want to thank lichess for giving me the task of blocking people who abandon games. Yesterday it gave me a huge majority of my games with people with a completion rate below 90%. One was 76%!! I block on 90% or less with the exception of newbies.

I never allow take backs, problem solved. Guys, this is time controlled chess, real chess. If you want take backs, just play with no time control, like with when you teach chess rules to your nephew.

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