tournament under 1200 ?

Why does lichess have tournament for noobs ?
They only start at <2000 or <1500 which way too high for a noob like me.

What is the reason for it ?


@allafleche , I understand what you mean. I am not there myself, but I know some who are, and it is frustrating that you cant compete against others like you. Lichess should have U1200 or even U1000 tournaments.
By the way, if you want to improve, go to youtube and look up: Chessnetwork beginner to chess master playlist. It helped me a lot. It may also help you.

you can create your own U1200 tournament.
you just have to press on tournaments - create a new tournament - advanced settings and fill out what is required.
there is a box called "Maximum weekly rating" you can select 1200.

Only problem with crafting your own tournament is that it lacks players

yes, I agree. it happens to me as well. When I create u1600 tournaments. Only a few players join.

@allafleche Am a bird if your feather. I had a similar concern, but when I tried playing the U1500 tournament I did win several games. And learnt that:

1. You should not let rating points scare you.
2. Play noobs all the time and you will never develop resilience. Play tougher competition, it will toughen you up.

For example, I normally enjoy pulling the center fork trick to all noobs players am paired with. But when I played a higher rated player, s/he picked my f7 pawn (sac'd a bishop) and it was downhill for me....sac...check....check...mate!!! :-)

But I analysed the game and learnt a tone of options I had.

So take the challenge. Beat a 1400+ get many points. Get beaten, what do you loose?! It's only a game!! You will get your points back in your noobs zone anyway!

Hm, with the new rating floor (800 -> 600), perhaps adding U1300 might make sense... although I see U1500 events don't get many players.

Perhaps lowering U1500 -> U1400 might be a better move, giving the lowest 40% of players a chance:

Well, thanks for all your responses !

@otheraccountt Yes I know am a super noob that's the point of the thread actully.

Ok the the solution is to get better I guess... Could take some time !

But I still don't understand what the resaon is, am sure lots of super noobs would join an under 1200 tournament.