There are not enough classic 3+2 tournaments


Each hour we have 5+0 and 3+0 tournaments, but we have no unthemed unrestricted 3+2 tournaments at all.

Please, schedule a few 3+2 tournaments!

The only 3+2 tournaments I played were <1700 Blitz Arena, but now my rating has increased just slightly over 1700, and I'm not able to participate in it.

Thank you for your work!

I agree.

Lately I have been playing in the "other" tournaments,but now they are not showing up. Only the "official" lichess tourneys show up and they almost never use increment.

More 3 2 please!

There are one or two hourly 3+2 arenas in one day already, but of course being able to play them depends on your time zone. I am in Italy and I usually see a 3+2 around afternoon (hopefully I'm not wrong).

But I agree, 3+2 is definitely my favorite time control for blitz and I would like to see more tournaments with it.

On a side note, you can always create personalized tournaments if you wish.

FIDE World Championship blitz: 3+2
FIDE World Championship rapid: 15+10
FIDE World Championship classical first tie breaker: 25+10
FIDE World Campionship classical second tie breaker: 5+3
Here on lichess we still hold x+0 tournaments, with flagging contests like KR vs. KR as if we were using analog clocks.

"On a side note, you can always create personalized tournaments if you wish."
I tried, but they are not visible in the tournaments list, so no one knows about it.

BTW it could be a great feature: Tournaments Advanced Search.

By default when a user enters the Tournaments page, it sees only lichess tournaments, like now.
But there is an "Advanced Search" button, where a user may select various criteria:
* time control
* rating restriction
* time to start
* owner
* other tournaments conditions

Then I believe we wouldn't bother lichess team with scheduled tournaments, since now we may create and FIND our tournaments.

What do you think, guys?

I will create a separate topic for this.

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